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Do you want to row?

  • Are you through seventh grade and want to try it out in the summer?
  • Are you finally in eighth grade and want to get involved in high school athletics and be a part of a championship program?
  • Are you a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior athlete looking for the ultimate team challenge, or maybe a great way to stay in shape for your fall and winter sports?
  • Are you an adult—maybe a parent of a rower—and rowing always looked like something you wanted to try?  Maybe you rowed in college and would like to get back into it. Maybe you had to give up jogging, but you want to maintain an aerobic training program.

There's something for nearly everyone at the Dee Campbell Rowing Center. Spring is devoted to the TC Williams championship high school team, but the other seasons offer rowing and conditioning programs for all ages and skill levels, from novice to serious competitor.

The TC Williams High School Crew Team is a varsity sport with a long tradition in Alexandria. The team is open to TC Williams students in grades 8 through 12. Read our FAQs.

The Summer Crew Program operated by Alexandria Crew Boosters is a popular way for teens and adults to get a taste for rowing, and for experienced rowers to hone their skills.  For 5 to 6 weeks coaches train you and then you cap the program with a regatta dubbed The Blue Plains Sprints. Summer crew offers classes for novice sweep rowers, (including the the only opportunity in the year for adult novices), youth intermediate sweep and youth sculling. The program starts after Alexandria schools close for the summer in June.

The Fall Crew Program, also operated by Alexandria Crew Boosters, is designed to give high school students a chance to keep their oars wet and newcomers to learn a little about what is to come in the spring rowing season. Fall Crew starts a week after Alexandria schools open and runs for 6 weeks. Students from outside Alexandria are welcome. See our calendar for start-up dates.

Old Dominion Boat Club (ODBC) Select Rowing  is operated by Alexandria Crew Boosters and is designed for those high level student athletes (not just from City of Alexandria schools) who wish to compete in Fall head races. Those who hope to compete at the collegiate level will find this program of special interest. ODBC fully sponsors the program.

Alexandria Community Rowing (ACR) is a Crew Boosters organization for competitive and recreational rowing for adults. Sweep (one oar) initiates get their first lessons in rowing during the Summer Crew Program (see above) while senior and intermediate rowers—sweeps and scullers—get out on the water at the end of March. Novice scullers (two oars) can learn in classes that are scheduled a few times during spring and summer. Many ACR rowers compete in races that start in late spring and run into November. Basic ACR membership runs from April through mid-November and the fee includes Alexandria Crew Boosters membership. You can get on a list to rent a rack for you own boats or use ACR boats. Check out ACR's website.

The Winter Conditioning Programs, conducted separately for teens and adults, give rowers the opportunity to train off the water during the cold months. Adults meet in the early morning while students work out after school.  Youth Winter Conditioning is run by the TC Williams Athletic Department for Alexandria public school students;  adult Winter Conditioning is run by ACR.