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2020 VASRA Regatta Jobs

Looking for new ways to connect with your child, TCW parents, and the world of rowing? 

Look no further than Alexandria Crew Boosters’ volunteer opportunities. Crew is a wonderful family activity of participation, support, early mornings, and cheering TC boats to the finish line. You will have fun working side-by-side with other parents. 

The regatta season is successful and safe when every booster club does their part. Jobs are assigned based on the number of rowers each school sends to a regatta. This year TCW will row in several VASRA (Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association) regattas.

Select the regatta to volunteer for VASRA positions.  Descriptions of roles are below.  Note: Don't be shy about signing up to be a launch boat driver!  See the description for an opportunity to be trained.

·        Walter Mess Regatta: April 4th (Occoquan)

·        Ted Phoenix: April 18th (Occoquan)

·        Charlie Butt: April 25th (Georgetown)

·        Day 1 VA Scholastic Rowing Association Lower Boats (aka Lower Boats States): May 2nd (Occoquan)

·        Day 2 VA Scholastic Rowing Association Upper Boats (aka Upper Boats States): May 9th (Occoquan)

The Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association (VASRA) is a non-profit organization that promotes scholastic rowing in Virginia. They provide the venues, organization, resources, and oversight for scholastic competitive rowing regattas on the Occoquan Reservoir, Sandy Run Regional Park, VA, and on the Potomac River at Alexandria, VA and in cooperation with the Washington Metropolitan Interscholastic Rowing Association ("WMIRA"), on the Potomac River in Georgetown, DC and on the Anacostia River in Washington, DC. As members, we are required to fill jobs at all the VASRA-sponsored regattas in which we participate. These roles ensure that we follow guidelines for regatta structure, safety, fairness, and consistency in our competitive events. Volunteering for VASRA roles keep you as close the action as you can be without actually rowing.

VASRA Regatta Volunteers

The following positions must be filled at each regatta. Please rest assured, that training will be provided and is required in some cases.

Launch Boat Driver to Regatta Judge/Referee. Experienced boat drivers needed for this role.  Click here to sign up for launch boat training!  It's a great job that gives you up close access and only a couple parents have run into a dock over the years.

Safety Driver keeps watch of the course and attempt to keep canoes, etc. out of the way of a race. You may need to pick up large pieces of debris in the shells’ way, and watch for capsized shells. 

Concessions Sales involves selling food, T-shirts or programs as determined by the Concession Manager.

The Dock Master Assistant helps the Dock Master by keeping the coaches dock free and clear of articles and keeping general flow of dock unobstructed. 

Finish Line Timer Helper assists the Finish Line Officials in the smooth operation of all finish line area responsibilities. 

Set-Up Helper assists the Launch Set-Up Driver to move racecourse equipment, facilities, and people up and down the racecourse, before the start of the regatta.

Stakeboat Holders help align the shells to be in proper position for the start at the starting platform while ensuring that shells are not damaged as they back up into lanes.