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Driving Directions to the Regattas

TC Crew competes in regattas up and down the east coast, and even into Canada.  Always allow yourself plenty of time to get to a regatta.  Traffic is heavy on weekends, and you don't want to arrive at the race course after your son or daughter's race.  Car pooling is always a good idea


Races on our part of the Potomac launch from the Dee Campbell Rowing Center.  That's also a good spot to view the race, because the finish line is at the Boathouse.


St. Andrew's School

St. Andrew's, in Middletown, Delaware, is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon and watch the regatta and races on Noxontown Pond. 

Directions: From Alexandria, take the Wilson Bridge, 495/95 towards Baltimore, then take US Route 50 east towards Annapolis.  Continue on Route 50 past Annapolis and cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Bear left on Route 301 North when it splits off Route 50 and follow 301 for an hour to Middletown, DE.  At Middletown, exit right on 299 east, which is East Main Street in Middletown. Cross the railroad tracks and in one or two blocks, turn right on South Broad Street. Pass St. Anne's Church Cemetery on your right and start looking for Noxontown Road to your left. Turn left on Noxontown Road. Continue on Noxontown Road past St. Andrew's School on your right, continue around the bend in the road and on your right you will see Noxontown Pond, the race course, and then a fenced field with buses, tents, racing shells and parked cars. Turn right into the race and parking area at the break in the fence. Drive along the dirt road or across the field and look for the TC Crew Boosters blue and white striped tent located on the edge of the pond and park where you can.  


Travel Time: approx. 2 hours & 15 minutes

Race Course: 
• Lane 6 is closest to the visiting crews’ launching area and lane 1 is closest to the St. Andrew’s campus. The race goes from left to right, with the boats coming in sight for the last half of the race.

Here's a link to the St. Andrew's School website.


The Georgetown waterfront is the home of nearly 20 high school and college crews, centered on Thompson Boat Center.

Directions: Thompson's is located a short walk from the Kennedy Center and Watergate, and the Foggy Bottom/GWU Metro station.  The parking lot is at the end of Virginia Avenue, across the Rock Creek Parkway, but for most regattas it will be reserved for boat trailers. To drive there, travel Virginia Avenue to the end at Rock Creek Parkway.  Park anywhere you can find a spot in the Watergate neighborhood or in Georgetown under the Whitehurst Freeway across from the Washington Harbour center. There is a short road that leads from there to Thompson's boathouse.  Spectators can view from the boathouse or the esplanade and park just west of the boathouse.


Race course:  Most boats launch from Thompson's dock, and the race course begins upriver from Key Bridge.  The course is farther from shore than at some other venues - in fact, the closest viewing is from the shore of Roosevelt Island. This part of the river is accustomed to recreational and commercial boating and it is not unusual for motorized craft and the occasional kayaker to venture onto the race course.

There are more details on the Thompson Boat Center website.


Sandy Run Park, on the Occoquan Reservoir in Fairfax, is home to most of the crews in Northern Virginia, and the site of the VASRA championship events. Sandy Run is a pretty area with good facilities, run by the Northern Virginia Regional Parks Authority.  But the finish line is quite a distance from the parking areas, and you need to be prepared for a lengthy hike once you get there. 

Directions:  Take I-395 South to I-95. Continue south about 15 miles. Just after crossing the Occoquan River take Exit 160 (Route 123 North - Occoquan/Lakeridge) and proceed on Rt 123 approximately 3 miles to Hampton Road. Turn left at the light onto Hampton Road and go approximately 1 mile to Van Thompson Road and turn left. Follow Van Thompson to parking lots.


Travel time: approx. 25 minutes (See note above)

TIP #1: You'll have to pay for parking.  Expect to pay at least $10 per car.  Have the money ready for the attendants on Van Thompson Road.  There are two lots close to the launch site, and another almost a mile back up the road at the intersection of Van Thompson and Hampton Roads.  Shuttle bus service (free) is provided from the Van Thompson lot beginning at 9:00 am.

Share a ride to Sandy Run. If everyone car pooled, parking would be less of a challenge. 

TIP #2: Even the closest parking lot is distant from the grandstand area, which is near the finish line and is the only place to watch the race. You get there by walking the well-marked, hilly path through the woods or by waiting in line for the van, which will take you to the grandstand area for a nominal fee.

TIP #3: Wear comfortable shoes. The trails can be rocky, both from the parking lot to the park, and from the park to the grandstand (if you don't take the shuttles). 

TIP #4: Always plan to arrive well ahead of the races you want to watch, allowing plenty of time to get from the lots to the park and grandstand area.


You’re on your way to the best venue on the TC Crew schedule. It is the home of the Schuylkill Navy and picturesque Boathouse Row. If you know how to get to Philly you can skip some of the next stuff and just take your usual route.

Directions: Take the Baltimore-Washington Parkway north from Washington.  Once you get into Baltimore, take the exit for I-95 north.  Go through the Ft. McHenry Tunnel, and head north to Philadelphia on I-95.  

It will take about 90 minutes to get to the Maryland House rest area from Alexandria. Keep heading north until you see a sign for I-95 to Wilmington and Philadelphia, staying in the left lanes as the highway splits. (If you go to the right you’ll end up at the Delaware Memorial Bridge, which is all right if a weekend in the Garden State is what you want.) Still on I-95, in the neighborhood of the Philadelphia International Airport follow signs for I-76 West. Watch for a left hand turn at a light on to I-76 West. Eventually you’ll be on an expressway along the Schuylkill River. Take the Girard Avenue/Zoo exit. At the end of the exit turn right onto Girard Avenue and cross the bridge over the river.

At the end of the bridge, take a right turn onto Sedgely and drive down through the park. You’ll come a statue on a traffic island. Bear right onto Kelly Drive and you’ll move past the boathouses of Philadelphia’s famous Boathouse Row. Follow the drive along the river and you’ll eventually be directed by Philadelphia police to detour to the right and up to where parking is provided. There will be a charge for parking. The police or attendants can direct you to the path to the regatta site, which is a bit of a walk. Look for the red TC Crew trailer parked next to our tent, which is usually situated in the treeless area roughly half-way along the course.


Race Course: Lane 1 is closest to the Kelly Drive Shore. 

TIP: Parking immediately at the regatta site is for pass-holders only. Those who have passes have to enter the regatta site from the opposite end of the drive. Putting aside the issue of parking, one of the best things about the Stotesbury Cup is the location. It is a lovely open park all along the race course. Unlike most regatta sites you can follow practically the entire race from the river bank. Some folks bring bicycles and in-line skates since you can do a lot of walking from the launch area near the vendor tents to the finish line where there is a large, partly roofed grandstand.