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    Rowing for O.D.B.C. Select and Fall Rowing has been put on hold due to COVID-19. Please check for updates here and on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

    T.C. Williams Crew honors the senior class of 2020

    It is time to celebrate our T.C. Crew senior class of 2020! This last Saturday their teammates, coaches, and parents did a drive-by to honor our seniors and deliver the coveted T.C. Williams Crew blanket. We will miss this class of young men and women! We wish you all the best!
                                                               Go T.C.! Row T.C.!
    The seniors are Madeleine Allen, Alaina Browand, Ava Elkins, Lydia Greenwood, Sara Rider, Madeline Toaso, Felicity Brock, CJ Chidlow, Emmett Cocke, Townson Cocke, and
    Jonathan Hernandez. (Sorry, we didn’t have pictures of all the seniors listed.)

    T.C. Men's Crew Virtual Scrimmage on March 21st

    Great update from our Boy's Varsity Crew Team this week:

    Even with recent setbacks, the grind doesn't stop! As they move into what would have been Spring Regatta Season, our student-athletes have adapted to a "virtual regatta" to keep the spirit of physical fitness and competition alive.

    Over the course of the past school year, rowers from T.C. Williams and Washington & Liberty have been putting in a tremendous amount of work towards getting faster on the water. Rowers at all levels at both schools have consistently demonstrated that they're hard-working and persistent

    The Boys Teams from T.C. Williams and W&L have always had a complex, intense rivalry. The boys have often worked together during the Fall season as a part of the Old Dominion Boat Club (ODBC) Select Team, which is coached by Derek Parsons (W&L's Head Coach). However, during the Spring, it’s a completely different atmosphere. Representing their own high schools against each other, the boys are extremely competitive and give all they can at the annual scrimmage between the two teams.

    As you all know, due to recent events, the water season has been suspended until further notice. So, demonstrating their classic grit, the boys have continued workouts -- on ergs and reporting virtually -- from their own homes, and even plan to conduct a scrimmage! The boys will do a series of challenging 3-minute, 2-minute, and 1-minute pieces. The boys will go as hard as possible and will be recorded for time. Once the results are in, times between T.C. and W&L will be compared. Please be on the lookout for the scores to see who will come out on top this year!


    Thank you to our Boy's Coach, Pete Stramese and our Coxswains (as scorekeepers and writers), Shelby Bavin and Felicity Brock.


    Row TC, Go TC! Remember the Titans!"