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Registration for Summer Crew is Live

Registration for two summer crew sessions is now open for rising 7th graders through 12th:

Session One: July 5-16 (M-F),

Session Two July 19-30 (M-F)

Novice Sweep (No Experience) 8:30-10:30am

Intermediate Sweep 8:00-9:30am

Intermediate Sculling 7:30-9:00am

Please register by clicking here

VASRA releases VSRC schedule for Saturday

VASRA has released its draft heat sheet for this weekend's VSRC. As always, check with your rower so you know which boat to watch. Best of luck, TC! 

Al Urquia Regatta - June 12, heat sheet and results

The heat sheet for the Al Urquia regatta is posted. 


Race 46: W-JR-8 comes in second with a 05:57.0 time behind Madison (05:42.5)


Race 42: M-3-8, TC in fifth out of 6th with a 05:41.1 time.


W-3-8 final TC wins it! 06:17.4 time, followed by Oakton with 06:20.7 time.


Race 40: M-4-8 final: TC in second with a 06:09.5 time. Behind Woodson with a 05:51.6 time.


Race 25: W-1X finals. TC in third with a 07:50.6 time, behind Albemarle and Hylton. --

Race 17: Women's Novice 8 comes in fourth in their heat (counts as third because one boat was exhibition). With a 06:34.1 time.


Men's Novice 8 comes in fourth in their heat with a 05:58.9 time.


First Al Urquia results of the day for TC: In race 2, TC Women 1X in third with a 07:57.8 time, behind Albemarle (07:11.0) and Hylton (07:40.5)

(photo credit Ryan Reyes)

Porterfield breaks school record for 2K on erg

Huge congratulations to Braden Porterfield (center of photo), who broke the school record for 2000m on the erg yesterday.

The previous record was 6:10.0 set in 2014 by Noah Stewart. Porterfield shattered that with a time of 6:08.5, prompting Stewart to congratulate Porterfield, saying: "What a beast! Give him a huge congrats. He definitely deserves this!"

Porterfield, a graduating senior, will row for Northeastern next year. He has also been invited to the selection camp for the U.S. U19 World Championship Team in Chula Vista, Calif.

Congratulations, Braden!

Yokitis commits to row at U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Congratulations to TC senior Grace Yokitis, who has committed to row at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy!

Three TC seniors to row at collegiate level

We are thrilled to announce that three of our senior rowers have committed to rowing in college! From left, Cameron Bowman (rowing for University of Central Florida), Kaitie Dennis, (rowing for Syracuse) and Braden Porterfield (rowing for Northeastern University). Porterfield has also been invited to the selection camp for the U.S. U19 World Championship Team in Chula Vista, Calif. Congratulations to Cameron, Kaitie and Braden! 

Ted Phoenix Regatta, June 5, heat sheet and results

The heat sheet for the Ted Phoenix Regatta is now posted.

Results for individual races are below


Race 1: Women's 1V 8 First heat: TC comes in second to Wakefield with a 5:32.7 time. Wakefield wins it with 5:25.9 time. W-L in third. 


Race 3: M-1-8 Heat 1: 1 - TC wins this heat with a 4:54.3 time, followed by W. Springfield ( 05:09.7) and Oakton (5:15). 


Race 6: W-JR-8 Heat 2 (Top 3 to finals) TC takes 1st with a 6:13.5 time, followed by Robinson (06:18.4), Jefferson (6:47) and L. Braddock (6:56.8)


Race 7: M-2-8+ Heat 1. TC again! 5:17.9 time, followed by Jefferson (05:21.0 ), Woodson (06:08.3) and W. Po. (06:24.0)


Race 13: W-1/JR-1x TC in second, with a 8:13.3 time Hylton comes in first (07:47.4), W. Springfield in third (08:30.5).


Race 15 W-1/JR-2x. TC second, with a 7:29.3 time. Oakton 1 (exhibition) with a 7:16.8 time, Oakton JR third (08:15.3), Gar-Field fourth (08:25.2) 


Race 23, W-1-8 final. Fourth place for TC.

1 - 00:00.0 - 05:38.2 - Wakefield (1)

2 - 00:07.2 - 05:45.4 - Woodson (2)

3 - 00:08.0 - 05:46.2 - Oakton (4)

4 - 00:16.4 - 05:54.6 - TC Williams (6)

5 - 00:31.9 - 06:10.1 - Robinson (7)


Race 24, M-1-8 final. TC wins it!

1 - 00:00.0 - 05:01.8 - TC Williams (3)

2 - 00:03.8 - 05:05.6 - Madison (4)

3 - 00:05.8 - 05:07.6 - W.Springfield (7)

4 - 00:07.7 - 05:09.5 - Woodson (6)

5 - 00:21.3 - 05:23.1 - Robinson (11)


Race 25. TC third in finals.


1 - 00:00.0 - 05:49.9 - Madison (1)

2 - 00:07.0 - 05:56.9 - Wakefield

3 - 00:25.1 - 06:15.0 - TC Williams (2)

4 - 00:29.4 - 06:19.3 - Robinson

5 - 00:40.5 - 06:30.4 - W.Springfield (5)

6 - 01:11.3 - 07:01.2 - Jefferson


Race 27: W-2-8 final. TC wins again in a squeaker.

 TC Williams (3) 2 -  05:53.2 -

Oakton (4) 3 - 06:05.7 -

Woodson (5)   06:06.8 - W-L (7)

Woodson (5) 06:07.3 - W-L (7)


Race 28. TC in 1st!


1 - 00:00.0 - 05:13.7 - TC Williams (5)

2 - 00:03.1 - 05:16.8 - Madison (4)

3 - 00:04.7 - 05:18.4 - Robinson (3)

4 - 00:08.5 - 05:22.2 - Woodson (6)

5 - 00:10.0 - 05:23.7 - Jefferson (2)

6 - 00:31.1 - 05:44.8 - W.Springfield (8)


Race 36: W-3-8 final: TC in second!

1 - 00:00.0 - 06:05.1 - W-L

2 - 00:18.6 - 06:23.7 - TC Williams

3 - 00:20.4 - 06:25.5 - Oakton

4 - 00:24.9 - 06:30.0 - Colgan

5 - 00:42.8 - 06:47.9 - Battlefield



Race 37 M-3-8 finals! TC wins....

1 - 00:00.0 - 05:24.2 - TC Williams

2 - 00:07.7 - 05:31.9 - Woodson

3 - 00:12.2 - 05:36.4 - Jefferson

4 - 00:18.9 - 05:43.1 - W-L

5 - 00:40.2 - 06:04.4 - W. Springfield



Race 39. M-N-8 final. TC in second..

1 - 00:00.0 - 05:22.6 - S. County

2 - 00:31.1 - 05:53.7 - TC Williams

3 - 00:42.1 - 06:04.7 - Oakton B

D - 00:00.0 - 00:00.0 - Briar Woods

E - 00:32.6 - 05:55.2 - L.Braddock Exhibition


Race 43. W-N-8 finals. Novices in second!

1 - 00:00.0 - 06:05.7 - Robinson

2 - 00:07.2 - 06:12.9 - TC Williams

3 - 00:10.9 - 06:16.6 - Langley

4 - 00:14.5 - 06:20.2 - W. Springfield

5 - 00:46.9 - 06:52.6 - Colgan

E - 00:38.6 - 06:44.3 - W-L Exhibition



Race 45. Men's 4-8 final. 

1 - 00:00.0 - 05:30.5 - Riverside

2 - 00:18.0 - 05:48.5 - Woodson

3 - 00:31.7 - 06:02.2 - Jefferson

4 - 00:48.9 - 06:19.4 - TC Williams


June regatta schedule for TC Crew

Saturday, June 5:  Ted Phoenix Regatta

Saturday, June 12: Al Urquia Regatta*

Friday, June 18:  VSRC Day 1

Saturday, June 19: VSRC Day 2


*No 1V, 2V or scullers, lower boats only for girls. For boys, 3, 4 and novice 8 will participate. 

VASA reopens Occoquan to spectators: PLEASE READ

We have good news. VASRA voted last night that parents and spectators can return to Occoquan! For those of us who have relied on streaming, this news is fantastic and we look forward to seeing you all in the grandstands.

HOWEVER: There are a few rules that we have to abide by in order to make this work. Please read and abide by the following rules in order to ensure that we can enjoy the end of our rowers’ 2021 season.

— Viewers are welcome in the grandstands. This means they are still strictly prohibited from the athlete tents or areas where the athletes are gathering. Athletes, coaches and those working the race are the only people permitted from the C/D lot down to the docks. Please respect this rule for the safety or our student athletes.

— No spectator parking in the park. All parking for spectators is off site, at South County High School. There will be a bus to and from Sandy Run, with a charge of $5 each way. Please be prepared and bring money for the bus ride.

— Please plan to arrive at least 90 minutes prior to your child’s race. The shuttle and the walk to the grand stands will increase the time it takes to get to the viewing site. 

— Volunteers will have free parking. On site parking will be restricted to athletes, coaches, buses, staff, referees, the disabled and volunteers. No fees for those priority groups 

— Rower drop off is still permitted. Athletes may be dropped off and picked up in the D Lot. Carpool is still recommended. 

— Live streaming will continue, but be advised that bad weather may ground the drones and the increased crowd using their cell phones may have an impact on the broadcast to the internet and the quality of the livestream.

—Social distancing and mask wearing is still recommended for those who are not vaccinated.

— The vans to the finish line will resume and will run between the C Lot and the Finish line. The cost is $3 each way. Spectators can also walk from the trailhead in the C Lot.

— Persons with disabilities should park in C Lot in the designated area. If assistance is needed to reach the grandstands, please email  prior to the regatta to arrange this.

—Drinking water is now available in the park both from the bottle refill station and from the water fountains. Food, water and other concession items will also be available in the grandstands and the headquarters areas. Please have cash available. And T shirts will be on sale beginning this Saturday at a cost of $15. 

— An update to TC Crew’s race reporting: We will try to update our social media after each race, but will be doing so from Sandy Run, meaning internet availability may make for slower updates. Feel free to also follow the VASRA Results Twitter page as well to track how our boats are doing. 


Darrell Winslow May 28 results

 Women's Quad came in 1st, a nice start to the day. 06:19.3 time, with Yorktown coming in second with 6:37 time.


Women's 3V comes in third in their heat with a 6:29 time. Wakefield comes in 1st with a 6:03.1 time, followed by W-L in second.


Boys 2V comes in fifth in their heat with a 5:17.2 time.


Girls 2V comes in third in their heat with a 5:48.9 time, behind McLean (5:41.9) and Wakefield (5:43.9)


TC Women's JR 8 comes in first in their heat! 5:54 time. Robinson in 2nd with 5:57.3.


Boys 1V comes in 3rd in his heat, with a 4:58 time behind McLean (4:44.5) and Yorktown (4:54.8)


TC Williams Girls 1V comes in fifth in their heat with a 5:55.5 time.


Men's 4V comes in second in their heat with 5:47.8 time.


TC men’s 3V comes in 1st in their heat with a 5:30.1 time.



Congratulations to Connor McGivern, UVA third year, 2018 TC grad (at left) who raced in two boats, including in the Varsity Doubles (2x) with his third year UVA team mate Robbie Schetlick. They won their heat on Saturday, 5/22/2021, with a time of 7:25.0

Titan alum is a National Champion at Men's IRAs; TC alums in NCAA Division 1 Women's Rowing Championships

From TC crew alum parent Tram Rex:

Connor Rex, TC Rower Class of ‘19, is a National Champion in the United States Naval Academy Ltwt 8 (red shirt & 4 seat).
@ Mercer Lake Rowing Venue

From TC crew alum parent Maria Filios:

At least three NCAA Div 1 Women's Rowing Teams will have Titans aboard for the 2021 Championships: Syracuse, Wisconsin and, in their very first trip to the NCAAs, Alabama.

Congratulations to former Titan Rower and Coach Grace Barbara, who is now coaching at Alabama, as well as Grace Ashe in the Syracuse 1V4 and Paula Filios, coxing the 2V8.

Also shout-out to Blythe Markel, rowing for Alabama, who helped the Tide qualify by accruing points in their 2V4.

Shout-out as well to Maddie Toaso, rowing for Oregon State in the 1V4, which just missed the chance to participate.

Connor Rex (TC ' 19 - red shirt & 4 seat) is a National Champion!

Connor Rex (TC ' 19 - red shirt & 4 seat) is a National Champion!

Connor Rex (TC ' 19 - red shirt & 4 seat) is a National Champion!

Connor Rex (TC ' 19 - red shirt & 4 seat) is a National Champion!

Please Donate to Keep Rowing Going Strong in Alexandria

Alexandria Crew Boosters is the umbrella organization that oversees and supports the crew programs for youth in Alexandria, including the T.C. Williams crew program, as well as the Old Dominion Boat Club crew program and the Alexandria Community Rowing program for adults. The Alexandria Crew Boosters raises funds for all racing shells and equipment, including the launch boats that accompany the rowers. ACB also oversees the summer and fall learn-to-row programs, that are open to students from other area schools. We appreciate donations of any amount.

Congratulations to Grace Asch (TC ‘18) in Syracuse Varsity 4 (third from left). A strong performance by Syracuse in NCAA championships put them at 10th in the nation!

TC alum Filios coxes her way to 12th in the country

Congratulations to Paula Filios (TC '19) who coxed the Wisconsin 2V8 to 12th in the country at NCAA Championships!

2019 TC alum Paula Filios, now a coxswain for the University of Wisconsin.

Congratulations to Clare Williams who coxed the UVA Men’s 1V8 & 1V4 to Gold at the Oak Ridge Invitational over the weekend of May 22-22. UVA comfortably beat out their arch rival, UMichigan with a time of 6.01.6 in the 1V8 and 7.01.5 in the 1V4. Thank y

T.C. Rower gives back to Sandy Run Regional Park

Stephen Ralis, a senior for T.C. Crew, recently completed his Eagle Scout project by constructing and installing eight spectator benches for the racecourse finish line at Sandy Run Regional Park. Sandy Run is home to many of T.C.’s regattas on the Occoquan River. 

In order to achieve the Eagle rank, Scouting’s highest honor, Scouts must plan, budget, lead, and execute a service project for a non-profit in their community. Stephen was pleased to be able to combine his love of rowing with his duty to Scouting.

In three months, Stephen went from writing his initial proposal to executing his vision with the assistance of 30+ volunteers from his Boy Scout troop and his rowing teammates: Will Bavin, Barry Najarro-Blancas, and Tim Chen. The benches look great. We would like to thank Stephen for his contribution to making the finish line a more enjoyable place to cheer for our rowers. We also congratulate him for his scouting accomplishment. Hopefully, we will get to see his benches in person in the coming months!


Go T.C.! Row T.C.!

May 15 - Regional Park Regatta -- results/time/details

Don't want to wait for us to post? You can always check out VASRA's results sheet here.

And for the livestream


Updated time for women's second varsity boat: 5:44.4. McLean came in first with 5:37.4.


Women's Freshman 8 came in fourth in their heat with a 06:58.9 time.


We're told that the Women's Varsity 2 results as reported on VASRA are inaccurate. We will update as soon as we get news. 


Men's Varsity 3 comes in third, with a 05:33.9 time behind McLean and Woodson.


Men's 2-8 Flight 2. TC comes in second with a 05:20.5 time; Madison comes in first with a 05:16.8 time.


TC Women's JR-8 came in fifth in their heat with a 05:24.3 time.


This one was a nail-biter: Men's first varsity 8 comes in second behind Woodson. Woodson had a 04:57.4 time, while TC had a 04:57.6 time. Fantastic race.


Women's first varsity 8 comes in second 05:46.4 in their flight, with McLean coming in first with a 05:42.3 time.


First race looks great for TC: Women's Quad takes 1st with a 06:23.2 time. Woodbridge came in second with a 06:27.3 time. 


Good morning! TC rowing races this morning at 9:16, 10:52, 11 and then this afternoon at 12:24, 12:40, 12:56, 1:12 and 1:20. We will update frequently via social media as well. To watch the livestream, visit this site.

Polar Bear Regatta and results


TC women's 1V 8 boat won their heat. 6:24.1, followed by Colgan coming in second with 6:28.4.

TC Men's 1-8 comes in 2nd in their heat with a 5:24.7 time. 1st place, Woodson, had a 5:22.7 time.

TC Women's JR-8 comes in 3rd in their heat, 07:20.2. 1st place, Madison, had 6:46.2 time and 2nd place, Langley, had 06:59.1 time.

Decisive win for TC Girls 2-8 boat! Time was 6:36.6, 20 seconds ahead of Oakton, which came in second with 6:56.2 time. 

TC Williams Boys 2nd 8 Boat with a 5:22.3 time, coming in 1st. Second is Robinson with 5:23.6. 

In the Women's 1-4 Final, TC takes 3rd with 7:07.7, just a hair behind Yorktown, with 7:07. Woodbridge takes 1st with 6:56.7

TC Boys 3rd 8 Boat came in second in their heat with 06:28.9 time. W. Springfield was first in that heat at 06:19.8.

Full results are available here.

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