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T.C. Rowers Take on Blizzard to Raise Funds

T.C. Rowers Take on Blizzard to Raise FundsWednesday, February 10, 2016 - ALEXANDRIA, VA – Talk about your cross-training! The T.C. Williams Girls Crew Team put down their oars and picked up snow shovels to raise funds for the team and support their community during a three-day marathon of shoveling snow for local homeowners in the aftermath of the January 22-23 blizzard in Alexandria. The girls raised $5,800 with their efforts.

More than twenty rowers from the T.C. Girls Crew team raced through the heavy snows left by Jonas to form shoveling teams to clear paths for homeowners throughout Alexandria on Sunday and Monday. The girls, who are currently doing winter conditioning in preparation for the beginning of the spring competitive season at T.C. Williams, showed that their strength comes in handy during a crisis. Energetically shoveling more than thirty homes, the girls demonstrated the commitment, strength, and teamwork that have made them formidable competitors for the Titan Crew Team.

Gracie Barbara, Assistant Girls Coach for T.C. Williams High and former Titan rower, conceived of and organized the effort to raise funds for the team. She explained, “The girls were quick to jump on board with the shoveling. Some girls even did some on their own before I sent them out to shoveling appointments I made. Most of the houses in the neighborhoods were glad to help! Some of the homeowners even had rowers in their family or rowed themselves so it was great to still have that support for the team. The girls shoveled over 30 homes and did a fantastic job. They were open to going to more houses. For the first time we have done this with only two days of planning, it has been a great success!”

Patrick Marquardt, Head Coach for the T.C. Girls Crew Team, said, “The girls did a fantastic job. Feedback from homeowners has been outstanding. I am always impressed by the dedication our girls bring to everything they do.”

Donna Munoz, an Alexandria resident and crew parent, echoed Marquardt’s comments about the value of the girls’ work, saying “Two smiling and energetic girls showed up and took over our shoveling duties. They were soon joined by an additional rower and managed to free our car and dig down to the driveway asphalt. Thanks T.C. Titan Girls Crew!”

Olivia Anthony, a junior at T.C. Williams High School, met up with her team mates to shovel snow in the Beverly Hills and Northridge neighborhoods. Enjoying the team work that bonds the Titan girls as competitors, the girls stayed focused on their objective. "We were shoveling snow to earn money for Alexandria Crew Boosters. This group helps to support our crew team when we compete in the spring," explained Anthony. According to Marquardt, the girls raised $5,800 for T.C. Williams Crew over three days.

The Titan Girls are raising funds to help support their spring season, which begins with practice on February 22 and a first scrimmage on March 19. T.C. Williams has a long tradition of excellence in rowing, regularly earning state, national and even international medals. Last year, Titan boats won four state championships, national medals, and a gold medal at the Canadian National Championship. Learn more about the different opportunities for rowing in Alexandria at www.tcwcrew.org.

Photo: Teams of rowers from the T.C. Girls Crew team shoveled more than 30 homes over the weekend to help homeowners and raise funds for the spring season. Pictured here are (top, from left) Grace Vannatta, Grace Hogan, Paige St. John, Grace Fluharty, Sierra Arnold, and Olivia Anthony; (bottom, from left) Charlotte Carey, Paula Filios, and Victoria Anthony.
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